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Gemsona - Blue Lace Agate
Another Gemsona I did for a contest. Didn't had much time to elaborate a good story like the other, but I think it still look good.

- Stone: Blue Lace Agate (Rather be called Azula)
- Weapon: Aerokinesis (Air Manipulation)

= History =
Azula was generated in a distant colony, was treated as an aberration for not being well formed like the other agates, very strong and big as any other Quartz, although her control of wind were greater than any other known. Which for her wasn't all that bad, since she despised the idea of fighting.

When the Rebellion began, she was promptly taken (against her will) from Homeworld to fight on Earth (which was in fact a convenient way to discard her if she couldn't defend herself). There, she did her best to protect herself and her troop, holding herself to not hurt anyone, which led her to be criticized again by Homeworld Gems.

Feeling suffocated and desperate for the war that did not end, she ran away, but was pursued as Homeworld traitor. Azula ran away for a long time. Changing from hiding place every time he saw troops from both sides begin to fight. She fled so much until she reached the enemy lines, and asked to join the Rebellion, not to fight, but to hide from the oppression of Homeworld. She was brought to Rose Quartz who agreed to help hide her after hearing her story.

Rose took Azula to a mountain still untouched by the war and showed a hidden cave. She then told that to help her not be found even by the Gem of Homeworld, she would bubble her stone, leaving her in a state of hibernation, only until the war was over and Rose returned to free her. Believing himself to be the best option, she let himself be put in a bubble, left at the depths of the cave.

Millennia passed and Rose never came back to save Azula, let alone tell anyone. Although she still dreams of being able to fly quietly and explore this world that, even if she has seen so little, thought it was very beautiful.

= Abilities =
- Total air control, including:
    + Ability to fly;
    + Generate storm when she gather clouds;
    + Create hurricanes;
    + Raise and throw/manipulate solid objects such as stones and sand/dust;
    + Shoot blades of wind able to cut metal;
    + Protect herself in wind barriers as well as repel projectiles.

= Curiosity =
-Thanks to her levitation ability, she almost never touches the floor, preferring to float all the time;
-Because of her ability, she has a very weak physical strength, even for a Gem. Not being able to raise objects with more than 5 Kg with her own hands, and she doesn't know how to walk with her own legs, constantly and comically falling on the ground when she tries;
Gemsona - Tiger Eye (Ty)
Created for a contest on a FB art group, I already had her sketch drawn, but never fully drawn her until then. Though about adding some other details, but it would maybe pollute it's drawing as a whole. Opted for a more simplistic approach, much like in the show

- Stone: Tiger's Eye (Chooses to be called "Ty" (tai))
- Weapon: Jian sword with an elastic bandage (stretches up to five meters)

= History =
Formerly a member of the White Diamond Court, she was responsible for the physical and weapons training of almost all Homeworld Gems. Her ability to analyze the environment and adversaries, memorize details and patterns of attack, and quickly devise a strategy to counterattack, gave her a prominent position in the Court. However, despite being a Quartz, having a bulkier body, Ty was envious of other Gems that had slimmer and agile bodies.

She was part of one of the earliest exploration groups sent to Earth in order to use her analytical and memorizing skills to obtain more accurate information for colonization. Her first impression upon arriving on Earth was dazzling, seeing how much natural beauty the planet presented, especially in the various forms of life she encountered.

Soon, she began to watch as some animals moved, whether it was walking, or hunting, or running, or fighting. She began to use her eyesight powers to try to mimic the movements of these animals (swinging on branches like monkeys, hiding like a tiger, and jumping and croaking like a frog) and adapting their movements to a humanoid form, which was frowned upon by other Gems that accompanied her, who criticized her for "wasting time on banal things". Despite this, she continued to mimic animals whenever she could, even beginning to think of a way to turn the movements into fighting techniques.

Time passed, and although the planet's analysis was almost complete, Ty felt pity for the planet that would lose everything it had for sake of the Gem empire. While exploring scanned but unvisited areas, she eventually discovered a village of humans, which made her even more intrigued as they were diverse. From the child to the old man, from the farmer to the warrior, how they managed to get food from the land and the animals, everything fascinated Ty, who despite being "different" was well received by the people of the village (the villagers interpreted her stories, as in the world she came from, just as fables from other places on Earth).

She even went so far as to show the movements she created by observing the animals she had encountered, which attracted the attention of some of the village and other neighbor villages. Ty then began to train humans interested in her martial arts, being amazed how well they adapted to her doctrine faster than the Gems. This place she stayed was what would come to be known as China, and her pupils would improve her combat ways and create new variations, initially called Wushu (popularly known as Kung Fu).

At last the day has come to depart from Earth. But now Ty felt an inner agony to leave the people who welcomed her so friendly, knowing the terrible fate that awaited them. Until she heard reports of the beginning of a Gems rebellion. Ty was then sent to eliminate the leader of the rebellion, meeting Rose Quartz, but instead of following the orders given, she talked to her (Rose) about why she challenged the Diamonds. She listened to Rose's words of the wonders of the planet and how worth protecting it as if an inner voice echoed the words she heard. Ty knew she had a desire to save the planet and so announced that it would also help her free the planet from being colonized. And as Rose said all the Gems should act and think as they pleased, Ty condensed her sturdy Quartz body into a slender form that he always wanted.

Returning to China, she announced the other Homeworld Gems present that this land was under her protection and although she easily defeated the few who were there, reinforcements from the Home World  soon arrived and she alone faced them all. She had trained several of them and there was never anyone who came close to defeating her before.

As the war dragged on, Ty continued the fight unabated against all the other Gems that arrived, even in numbers or fused. Only when the battles became fiercer did she conjure up her weapon. While she was only able to defeat hundreds with punches and kicks, her sword managed to defeat thousands with ease.

At the end of the war, with hundreds of thousands of shards and fragments of enemy Gems at her feet, Ty kept fighting whoever appeared. Finally, the remaining Gems fled, announcing the end of the war. Although the war devastated much of the territory she fought for, the village that had been was intact and all of the villagers received her as a hero. As she walked toward them, her stone began to act strangely, though it had not been cracked. Ty concluded that using a tremendous amount of energy to keep her whole and struggling for so many years without being able to stop had its price, and returned to stone form. The villagers saw what happened and tried to take care of her stone, hoping she would come back soon. Millennia passed and Ty's stone passed through several hands until it was completely lost in the history of the world.

It is likely that she is still resting on her stone until she has enough energy to materialize again, although her legacy persists to this day.

= Abilities =
- Super strength;
- Greater agility and density (after condensing her body);
- Ease of mimicking, analyzing and adapting movements of other living beings;
- Great adaptation and spatial memory;
- Telekinesis; Uses to control the bandage of the sword like an arm, able even to hold a Quartz's "Spin Dash";
- Master in hand-to-hand fighting, martial arts (which she created) and swordsman since birth.

= Curiosity =
When her human students asked Ty what she recommended to be as strong as she was, some of the things she said turned out to be part of the Ten Buddhist Norms: to train uninterruptedly, to use techniques only to defend themselves or others, to respect superiors, to be honest and always demonstrate cordiality, avoid demonstrations of fights, never be aggressive or demonstrate rude manners and avoid greed and aggressiveness.
UB-445: Huntress
"Endowed with sharp blades, it use them to cut anything on its path.
When not hunting, it can be seen moving very slowly. When its antennae detect a prey, it can move quickly and stealthily, most of the time giving a fatal blow before its prey could perceive.
It is not strange to challenge on its own human trainers, especially E4 and Champions of the regions."
Fakemon - Minna
This one was a "Frankenstein and his monster" theme: to make a Fakemon created by humans. Couldn't think anything beside the FMA chimera for this one :p
Made some minor changes of what I presented but didn't had enough time to add.

[Diary of Nicholas Tucker] - 01/15/XX84
It's been two months since I left the team scientist with the secret project to clone Mew. I remember that my colleagues all looked at me with disgust when I said my reason: take care of my newborn daughter, Minna, since my wife died in childbirth.
I do not feel remorse. My daughter is my world and I would do ANYTHING for her, anything to keep her safe and well.
I also remember that the only not criticize me was Dr. Fuji ... even though his only daughter was sick, he would not give up on the project.

[Diary of Nicholas Tucker] - 02/06/XX89
Fuji still contacts me once when in a while and told me that they succeeded in cloning an alleged Mew, but even stronger! I asked for details, even if still they needed more study.
My daughter also got sick recently, and the signs seem to be the same disease that took Fuji's daughter... I fear the worst.

[Diary of Nicholas Tucker] - 05/23/XX89
Experiments with the details that Fuji gave me were very interesting. Apparently they mixed the DNA of other Pokémon with Mew in order to 
suppress their weaknesses and improve their qualities. I tested in my home lab with wild Pokémon tha live nearby, but the results have been disastrous ....
My daughter is getting worse every day. The idiots of hospitals said they could not do anything! But she finds some comfort with her Mightyena and Pidgeot that she loved to ride, now lying beside her bed.

[Diary of Nicholas Tucker] - 09/01/XX89
I lost contact with Fuji, and my source of information about cloning... Damn, TO HELL ALL OF THEM !!
I'll save my daughter! She walk again as before and... but why just walk?...What about flying?

[Diary of Nicholas Tucker] - 11/20/XX89
I did it! I was able to create a machine capable of merging living things and just keep their qualities! I did not take long and I applied my daughter with her adorable Pokémon.
Her illness was cured and now she is able to do much more than before! She unfortunately lost the ability to speak, but I can see in her face how much happy she is now...
Fakemon - Ainzam

Yet another Fakemon I did for a contest (that the only reason I have to draw them lol)
I think I will redraw this one. Make a more "cartoon-like" ribs at least

[Ainzam] (corruption "einsam", German for "lonely")
Betrayed Pokémon
|H: 2 m; W: 33 Kg
Abilities: Justified and Rattled, (HA) Anger Point

HP - 70
ATK - 145
DEF - 85
S.ATK - 60
S.DEF - 100
SPD - 90

"Ainzam is known to be a Pokémon that is afraid of being betrayed and deceived by anyone and anything.

Often living alone and away from anyone, hiding in the depths of forests and abandoned buildings, having to hide even to eat, prevents to feed from trees whose fruits are food for others or even if is offered or found on the ground, which eventually leads it's typical hungry look.

Despite the weak appearance, what doesn't lack is power, since it always carries with it a huge sword, not dropping even when sleeping. The few people who were able to analyze the metal of the sword and the crown on his neck confirmed to be highly valuable, which made him well coveted by some and Ainzam even more afraid of humans.

Are rare cases of someone who has successfully capture a Ainzam, but right after it come out of the Pokeball, they break it to escape. The few who still have one, claim it is a slow and laborious process to become someone who Ainzam trust indeed and if they can, will have a powerful ally that will protect your trainer from all dangers.

In the event of a coach who got the confidence Ainzam, betray him in fact, or give it the feeling that betrayed it... Let's just say the trainer will discover how sharp was the sword..."

Welp, I thought in starting to write this journal for no reason, as I posted some of the thing I drew also for lacking of having something to do, sooooo whatevs :I

I'm usually a fan of pokémon, specially those Nuzlockes comics. I also translated some of those to a FB page that I administer.

I'm also much specialized in editing images, even to a minimum of detail. But I don't expect to post much of things here.



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